WordPress can be a heavy web platform that if not set up properly it can become slow over time. The use of too many plugins, large sized images, themes, and shared hosting are some of the ingredients for a laggy website. Let’s look at some ways to increase the overall performance of any WordPress site below:

  1. Compress your images | WP Smush, TinyJPG
    • Most people won’t pay attention to their images’ size especially if taken by a mobile device. Compressing your photos and images will drastically increase your site’s performance. We use plugins like WP Smush or TinyJPG.
  2. Cache Plugins | WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache
    • Caching is a very important step to increase your website’s performance. A cache plugin will save a static copy of your site’s content on to the user’s device instead of dynamically building that content on each load.
  3. CDN | Cloudflare, MaxCDN
    • Content Network Delivery is a very interesting method that distributes your website’s content to the server that is closest to the user. Learn more