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4 Best Sites for Free Stock Photography

If you are looking for stock photography for social posts or your web projects check out the following sites. These sites offer top-notch stock photos and best of all, they are mostly free! Read each site's rights agreement policy as these may be a subject to often...

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3 Ways to Speed your WP Site

WordPress can be a heavy web platform that if not set up properly it can become slow over time. The use of too many plugins, large sized images, themes, and shared hosting are some of the ingredients for a laggy website. Let's look at some ways to increase the overall...

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Increase page loading time using WebP

In 2010 Google launched a loosely compression image format that provides 25%-34% smaller image sizes when compared to JPEG. Designers and developers can create rich lighter images that will increase their website loading speed. The facts on WebP format: 26% smaller in...

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No outsourcing on our web projects & here is why

Outsourcing is a great way for many companies to keep low labor costs but often is at the price poor quality and exploitation. We don’t believe in outsourcing our projects because we value you as a client and we want to dedicate the time to fully understand your project. We are okay with losing on potential profits to provide the best possible quality we can.

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